Automotive Engineering Program|Undergraduate Program|Nagoya University World 30 International Programs

Mobile-influenced industries are those that leverage cellular technologies and the cell ecosystem to evolve existing merchandise or create new product designs. The Master’s Degree Programme in Advanced Automotive Engineering is an inter-university programme collectively offered by the Universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Ferrara, and Parma. Taught solely in English, the programme is supported by essentially the most prestigious firms in Emilia-Romagna operating in the automotive sector at international level. Students who have taken the Studentereksamen below the old grading system could be considered on a case by case foundation with a mean between 9.0 and normally required.

Offering a singular perspective on automobile design and on new developments in automobile expertise, this guide seeks to bridge the gap between engineers, who design and construct cars, and human components, as a body of information with appreciable worth in …