‘Race Motion’ video series depicts off-road racing at its most extreme

Even if you’re not a die-hard fan of off-road racing, you’re probably a fan of seeing purpose-built machines being used at (and beyond) their design limitations, especially if that means bad-ass trucks flying off sweet, sweet jumps. 

“Go into the world of off-road racing and get up close and personal with incredible cinematic moments that most people never witness.” That’s the pitch from the team behind “Race Motion,” a new series from Mad Media that bundles unused racing footage into montages of twisting metal and plastic, ridiculous air time, and ache-inducing impacts. Sold yet? We sure are. 

“As Cinematographers we get to see some amazing moments during an off-road race, many of which never get used in our final edits,” said Mad Media CEO Matt Martelli. 

Mad Media launched “Race Motion” with footage from the 2020 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400, which was held outside Las Vegas in early March. The race featured more than 500 competitors, and the clips include dramatic shots of trucks and 4x4s in various classes doing exactly what you’d expect of cars meant to go as fast as possible over rough terrain. 

“The series is a cinematic study combining, light, focus, composition, intuition, timing and a little bit of luck to create remarkable shots that communicate the energy that is being unleashed by the violent action of these incredible vehicles contrasted with the stunning beauty of the Mojave desert. The high frame rate slo-motion shots really allow you to see how incredible off-road race vehicles are,” Martelli said. 

The series is hosted on the Off-Road Racer YouTube channel. We expect more episodes to come, provided race organizers can actually get their events off the ground in the current public health climate

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