Farley aims to tackle Ford’s warranty costs in bid to boost profit

DETROIT — Quality is once again Job One at Ford.

Taking a page from the automaker’s ad slogan of the 1980s and ’90s, Ford’s new chief executive, Jim Farley, is aiming to rein in rising warranty repair costs that are a key reason why the Dearborn, Michigan, automaker’s financial performance in North America has lagged that of its archrival, General Motors.

As part of its new effort to cut warranty costs, Ford has told suppliers it will charge them upfront for half the cost of a warranty problem. Suppliers might get some of the money back if they resolve problems more quickly.

“What we are striving for is to fix the issues as fast as possible so that those adjustments are as small as possible,” Kumar Galhotra, president of the automaker’s Americas and International Markets group, told Reuters.

EV startup Rivian reveals its plan for servicing its vehicles

Like any modern startup carmaker, Rivian plans to sell direct to customers bypassing a traditional dealership model. That creates the question of where and how vehicles will be serviced. Speaking in an interview with Automotive News, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe says the company will use a combination of purpose-built service centers and mobile service at a customer’s home or business.

Scaringe says Rivian will set up 41 physical service locations, where repairs and maintenance to the R1T electric pickup, the R1S electric SUV, and the company’s Amazon delivery van can be carried out. Of course, as EVs, the Rivians will require less maintenance than gasoline-powered vehicles. They should also need fewer repairs. And over-the-air updates to the trucks’ various software systems are also expected to be an important part of the overall service picture.

Deliveries of the

Massachusetts voters pass right-to-repair expansion opening up car data

One election night issue that has appears to have an answer already is the passage of Question 1 in Massachusetts, which asked voters to strengthen laws guaranteeing people are able to repair things they own. In this case, it focused on cars, preventing manufactures from locking third party repair shops and car owners out of advanced telematics data that’s increasingly being collected by vehicles via driver assistance tools.

Question 1 text - Motor Vehicle Mechanical Data
Question 1 text – Motor Vehicle Mechanical Data

Massachussetts 2020 Ballot Questions

You can read the full text of Question 1 here (PDF), and the Associated Press projected it passed around 11 PM ET on Tuesday. iFixit called the legislation a “milestone” for the movement, seeing it as the start of a nationwide push to open up car data. According to iFixit founder Kyle Wiens, “This will be

Consumer Reports lists the cars most likely to need a new headgasket

Cars that suffer from chronic head gasket problems are astonishingly expensive to keep running. Consumer Reports has put together a list of the worst offenders by analyzing data from its Annual Autos Survey. There are four Subaru models on the list, several luxury cars, and, surprisingly, everyone’s favorite Mazda roadster.

In simple terms, a head gasket is a part that ensures an engine’s combustion happens internally. It’s between the cylinder head and the engine block. Every car has at least one, and changing it is a time-consuming process that can cost over $1,000 depending on what you drive, the extent of the damage, and who you ask to fix it.

Consumer Reports found the BMW 3 Series from the 2006 and the 2007 model years experience head gasket trouble at anywhere between 90,000 and 138,000 miles. Subaru’s Impreza (2006

2020 Volvo S60 T8 Long-Term Service Update | Breaking and fixing the sunroof

Pro tip: Don’t play with the wind deflector in your 2020 Volvo S60. The same goes for most delicate and/or electronic things in cars. Parts break. You get sad. Money must be spent, and you move on. 

In case you were looking for an example of this, take our 2020 Volvo S60 T8 long-term test car. An individual (we’ll leave them unnamed to protect their dignity) happened to be sitting in the passenger seat waiting for some takeout food over the weekend. It was a sunny day, so the sunroof was open on the Volvo. The anonymous individual then stuck their hand through the sunroof and pressed down on the upper frame of the wind deflector that pops up automatically with the sunroof. What pops up, must pop down, correct? Yes, however, it’s clearly not meant to

These are the cars most likely to have major powertrain problems

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These are the cars and trucks that are most likely to have serious problems with their engines or transmissions, which equals costly repairs.

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