Alonso to take part in F1 ‘young driver’ test — he’s 39

MANAMA, Bahrain — Two-time Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso, who will make a comeback with Renault next year at age 39, has been given special dispensation to take part in a post-season test intended for young drivers.

Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul thanked the governing FIA on Thursday for allowing it “in recognition of our commitment to young drivers throughout junior motorsport and to Fernando’s own dedication to furthering the careers of young talents.”

The Spaniard’s participation in the Dec. 15 test in Abu Dhabi will not sit well with Racing Point and McLaren, who have Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo joining next year and only three days of pre-season testing.

Other experienced F1 drivers like Switzerland’s Sebastian Buemi and Poland’s Robert Kubica are also set to test for Red Bull and Alfa Romeo respectively, but neither

Haynes Manuals stops printing hard copies of new car repair manuals

New Haynes manuals are about to be stuck in digitization. But before you throw your manual at the wall in disgust, do note that this switch to digital-only manuals applies to “new” manuals that Haynes hasn’t published yet. All manuals that were previously available in hard copy will continue to be printed and made available for sale in dead-tree form. The massive back catalog will stay.

Assuming you own or plan on buying a used car, there’s a good chance that Haynes has a repair manual for you. However, anybody looking for a physical Haynes manual of a car like the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E should direct their attention to the internet. That’s where every new manual that Haynes publishes from now on will live. The company tweeted a short statement announcing this news, all the while advertising a

Volkswagen stops racing to focus on electric cars

Volkswagen quietly announced it’s sending its racing division to the automotive dust bin in order to allocate more time, money, and personnel to the development of electric cars. Its decision affects several programs, including the ID.R and customer racing efforts, but it does not mean that its sister companies (like Audi) will stop racing.

“The Volkswagen brand is on its way to becoming the leading provider of sustainable e-mobility. To this end, we are pooling our strengths, and we have decided to terminate the Volkswagen brand’s motorsport activities,” said Frank Welsch, the head of the company’s development efforts, in a statement.

Seeing a wide-bodied Polo crest a hill a foot off the ground is unforgettable, but racing flies directly into the teeth of Volkswagen’s electrification efforts. It’s expensive, so it’s difficult for executives to continue funding it

Subaru Forester Touring Interior Driveway Test | Long-Term test

Our long-term 2019 Subaru Forester Touring’s interior is one area we wanted to really hone in on over a number of months with it. Though Subaru’s interior functionality and space have long been key reasons people choose the brand, interior design and quality have been reasons they’ve looked elsewhere. A compromise needed to be made.

Subaru is trying to lift itself out of this rut with the higher trims of its latest models. The upmarket interiors of the Outback and Legacy are swathed in decent-feeling leather (or leather-substitute), contrast stitching, attractive trim and piano black accents. However, Subaru’s best seller, the Forester, is a mixed bag of new, premium Subaru and old, sensible-shoes Subaru.

The Touring model we’ve lived with over the past year is one of the best examples of this most-of-the-way-there design. Its two-tone style with medium

Grosjean ‘saw death coming,’ thought of his children and Niki Lauda in crash

MANAMA, Bahrain — Romain Grosjean will spend another night in hospital recuperating from his fiery Bahrain Grand Prix crash, but the Frenchman is keen to race in the Formula One finale in Abu Dhabi. He told a French broadcaster that he “saw death coming” as he was trying to escape his burning car – and that “for my children, I told myself that I had to get out.”

Grosjean, 34, limped away from the horrific crash with burns to his hands but not a broken bone in his body. He was set to be discharged from a nearby hospital on Tuesday.

He broke through the barriers on the opening lap of Sunday’s race, which tore his car in two before it caught fire. In his first interview since the crash, he told French broadcaster TF1 he had time to think

2021 Audi RS 6 Avant Review | Specs, photos, performance

Finally. A 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant sits at the curb. It’s in Nardo Grey, arguably Audi’s best shade of grey (of which there are many). Year after year has gone by without a proper Audi sports wagon being sold in the United States. We’ve always had to longingly look across the ocean with one eye on the 25-year clock for import status. For those counting, the RS2 is now available. 

Most of 2020 has been downright dreadful, but Audi has done its best to cheer us up with Avants back on this continent. We’ve already driven the standard A6 Allroad, but now it’s time to put the enthusiast darling RS 6 Avant to the test.

“How long do we need to wait to afford one of these?” my girlfriend asks as the laser light unlock animation plays