Day: October 5, 2020

Uber and Lyft spend big in California to oppose gig worker law

Uber and Lyft together are spending nearly $100 million on a November California ballot initiative to overturn a state law that would compel them to classify drivers as employees.

That sum looks less huge, however, than the potential costs of complying with the existing law, according to a Reuters analysis.

The two ride-hailing companies would each face more than $392 million in annual payroll taxes and workers’ compensation costs even if they drastically cut the number of drivers on their platforms, a Reuters calculation showed.

Using a recently published Cornell University driver pay study in Seattle as a basis, Reuters calculated that each full-time driver would cost the company, on average, an additional $7,700. That includes roughly $4,560 in annual employer-based California and federal payroll taxes and some $3,140 in annual workers’ compensation insurance, which is mandated in California.

2021 Nissan Rogue First Drive | What’s new, specs, photos

“Why do so many people buy the Nissan Rogue?” It’s something we ponder and lament every time we see it on a top 10 list of best-selling cars. We’re not alone. Perhaps it’s because its styling, size and interior quality made a good first impression at a dealer, but the more you drove it, the worse it got. “Dreary” is a word that comes to mind. With the all-new 2021 Rogue, Nissan is aiming to change the story, and after a couple hours of driving it on a chilly fall day in Michigan, we think Nissan has done exactly that. 

But first, to properly add perspective, back to its predecessor. The steering was a mess; the handling ponderous and the ride hardly special; its droning continuously variable transmission was unresponsive, and the annoyingly buzzy engine was woefully