Day: September 12, 2020

Sebastian Vettel says he nearly retired from F1 before Aston deal

Sebastian Vettel said he had come close to retiring before Racing Point offered him a chance to continue in Formula One next season.

Asked on Thursday ahead of the Tuscan Grand Prix at Italy’s Mugello circuit how close he was to walking away, the four-times world champion replied: “Close”.

“Is there a measure of how close you can get? It was close in terms of having a lot of thoughts and deciding what’s ultimately…I have to put myself first in that regard, what’s best for me,” Vettel told reporters in a video conference.

“What I’ve decided now I believe is the best for me, and I’m looking forward to proving that.”

Vettel was told by Ferrari in May, after the COVID-19 pandemic had delayed the start of the season, that they would not be extending his contract beyond this year.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Luggage Test | Capacity, photos, suitcases

Luggage testing a mid-engine sports car or supercar can be a worthless endeavor. In many cases, the trunk is just too small for a proper suitcase. But the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette isn’t your average mid-engine sports car.

Corvette owners have had a spacious cargo area behind them for a long time, but the C8 has flipped the script. With an engine behind the driver, the rear cargo capacity is drastically reduced. However, it has a new secret weapon too: the frunk.

Combined, the trunk and frunk are good for 12.6 cubic-feet of storage. That’s just 2.4 cubes down from the C7’s 15 cubic-feet of space. Numbers tend to fail at telling the whole story, though, which is why we decided to break out the suitcases. We’ve already seen the photos from Chevy (below) with a set of golf bags neatly