Day: July 7, 2020

Alaskans celebrate Independence Day with automotive cliff jumping

In Glacier View, Alaska, the sun sets at about 11:30 this time of year, and rises again at around 4:30. With daytime fireworks displays being rather dull, its denizens have sought out alternative means of celebrating Independence Day. Their solution comes in the form of yeeting junkers off the side of a cliff.

In what could best be described as a cross between a demolition derby and a 24 Hours of LeMons judging session gone horribly wrong (right?), the 4th of July Glacier View Car Launch has become a staple event for locals seeking a little daytime revelry. Fitted with rudimentary systems (read: a log and a rope) to keep the accelerator floored, wild junkers are aimed at the side of the cliff, loaded with enough fuel to complete their very brief journeys, and then, quite simply, sent. 

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2021 BMW M3 and M4 Prototype First Drive | What’s new, M3 Competition, 0-60 time

ZWICKAU, Germany – We tried everywhere: Peek under the hood and under the big front mask, even scroll through the infotainment system. But alas, confirmation was nowhere to be found: We wanted to confirm the rumor that the next-gen BMW M3 and M4 would have an even more provocative, vertical front grille than the new 4 Series. Though BMW allowed us to drive them, it took very good care not to reveal what could be the most controversial part of its next M models.

The M3 originally debuted on the second-gen, E30 3 Series in 1985 – as a two-door model. The following E36 initially launched as a coupe, but was followed by an M3 sedan and convertible models. The sedan skipped the iconic E46 generation, but returned for the V8-powered E90. Then, for the last model generation launched