Day: July 1, 2020

Collaboration between rideshare and public transit post-coronavirus

WARWICK, Rhode Island — Urban transportation’s transformation has shifted up a gear as the coronavirus crisis turns travel habits on their head, with Uber making allies of public transit systems by now offering to sell them its software expertise.

This means Marin County’s Transportation Authority will next month allow passengers in the San Francisco Bay area to book a trip through the Uber app, but rather than someone’s private car they will ride wheelchair-accessible public vans.

From the streets of Utah’s Salt Lake City to Missouri’s St. Louis and New Jersey’s Jersey City, more than 120 U.S. transit agencies have launched collaborations with ride-hail firms in the past two years, data analyzed by Reuters shows.

“Providing software is a higher-margin service for us. We’re leveraging technology we’ve been building for years,” David Reich, Uber Technologies Inc’s head of transit, said.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime First Drive | Plug-in hybrid, what’s new, range, fuel economy

So far, there haven’t been many hybrid variants of smaller mainstream two-row crossovers and, understandably, all have focused on efficiency. The new, range-topping 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime is flipping the script.

For 2021, Toyota is looking to reclaim the performance high ground in the compact crossover segment with a plug-in hybrid. The RAV4 Prime may approach performance from a completely different angle, but 302 horsepower is 302 horsepower, and quick is quick. Like our Volvo S60 long-termer, the 2021 RAV4 Prime is poised to be as fun as it is frugal.

Toyota has hinted at this approach before, as the current RAV4‘s sportiest trim level, the XSE, is only available as the Hybrid. Blessed with sharper suspension and steering tuning, it stemmed from the belief of chief engineer Yoshikazu Saeki that hybrids had untapped performance potential. It,