Day: June 22, 2020

Things rideshare drivers hate about the gig

There are probably few jobs with more annoyances and frustrations than driving for Uber and Lyft. Now, I know everyone has frustrations with their jobs, and all jobs come with their annoyances. But in terms of shear numbers of annoyances, rideshare driving might just have everything else beat.

In fact, in coming up with this list of the top 10 things drivers hate, the biggest problem I had was in culling the list down to just 10 things. These 10 are focused mainly on bad habits and behaviors that are common among riders and major irritations for drivers.

1: Riders with more passengers than is legal

This one happens with surprising frequency. You would think most people know that there are limits imposed by law on the maximum occupancy for each different type of vehicle. A normal passenger car

2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Road Test | Photos, specs, performance

Prodding the throttle of the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe causes the rear end to instantly squirm around directly underneath. The tires scramble for grip, then catapult the car forward with a violent shove to the rear. In straight-line acceleration, it’s like sitting at the weighty end of a pendulum, the cockpit being the bob that controls exactly where that lengthy front end swings to. Yet, the GT is not unbalanced or unwieldy. That much is clear in the corners, but the forces exerted on your body and the way in which the AMG GT achieves speed is a unique experience in the sports car world.

Plenty of cars have bountiful amounts of horsepower. Speed, if that’s all you want, comes cheap these days. You can spend about $40,000 on a Mustang GT that gets to 60 mph in the same