Day: May 8, 2020

Some transit agencies using Uber for the few riders left in lockdown

U.S. cities that have idled mass transit during coronavirus lockdowns are turning to an unusual partner to get essential workers to hospitals, warehouses and factories: ride-hailing company Uber.

Long criticized by officials in large U.S. cities for siphoning off transit riders and clogging up streets, some less-dense cities with reduced transit ridership are now turning to the Silicon Valley-based company to fill transportation gaps.

A handful of transit agencies are paying Uber and subsidizing rider costs during the pandemic to offer transportation at off-peak hours or in less busy areas.

Some give monthly bus-pass holders a limited number of Uber rides, others cover the entire cost for regular Uber rides to and from essential workplaces.

The model makes sense financially, as cities are able to offload insurance and fuel costs associated with maintaining nearly empty bus routes to Uber

Hyundai Prophecy electric concept unveiled to preview future designs

Hyundai is on a quest to extract complexity from its design department in order to make its cars purer and more minimalist. It introduced a concept named Prophecy to illustrate the direction it will take future electric models in.

The company calls its next design language Optimistic Futurism, and it explained its aim is to “forge an emotional connection between humans and automobiles.” We could easily argue this link was established over 100 years ago, but that’s not the purpose of this piece. Back to the road: the Prophecy stands out as a swoopy, low-slung sedan that breaks all ties with current members of the Hyundai range. Its low, grille-less front end wears pixel-like headlights reminiscent of the 45 concept unveiled in 2019, and its roof line is steep enough to earn the fastback label. It flows into a rear