Day: May 5, 2020

Driving the Volvo VNR Electric semi from Volvo Trucks

Climbing up into the big rig and settling in behind its massive steering wheel dials up childhood fantasies fueled by Hollywood. Just for a moment it’s the 1970s and we’re hauling a load of Coors from Texarkana to Atlanta. A black Trans Am running blocker. The CB crackles over the rattle of the truck’s enormous diesel. “Breaker One. Breaker One. This is the Bandit. Is the Snowman out there? Am I hittin’ ya, son?”

But there is no load of bootleg beer, no CB and no rattling diesel. This truck is powered by electricity. We’ve climbed up into the VNR Electric, the first zero emissions heavy duty freight transport from Volvo Trucks. The company, which sells its diesel trucks in 190 countries, unveiled the electric-powered rig last fall, and promises to put 23 on the roads of Southern California