Day: May 2, 2020

F1 champion Ayrton Senna died 26 years ago today

LONDON — A brass plaque on a grassy circle in Sao Paulo’s Morumbi cemetery marks the last resting place of a man revered by many as Formula One’s greatest driver.

“Nada pode me separar do amor de deus” (“Nothing can separate me from the love of God”), reads the inscription below the name Ayrton Senna da Silva.

The Brazilian, a triple world champion, was 34 when he died after crashing in the San Marino Grand Prix at Italy’s Imola circuit.

Every sport has days that define it, and May 1, 1994, is seared into the soul of Formula One — a grim Sunday on a weekend that will be forever shrouded in sadness.

“God has had his hand over Formula One for a long time. This weekend, he took it away,” commented the late triple champion Niki Lauda.

The funeral

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid First Drive | What’s new, fuel economy, photos

The opportune time to launch a hybrid would be when the economy is strong and gas is expensive. That would not be today. Yet, here comes the 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid that costs thousands more than the gas-only version and offers 50-plus mpg. Oh, and it’s a four-door sedan rather than a crossover. What could go wrong?

Hyundai chose to go with a single conventional hybrid model rather than continuing the two-pronged approach of the previous generation, which included a plug-in. While PHEVs offer more flexibility than traditional hybrids, they’re also heavier and more complex, not to mention more expensive to produce. With more buyers opting for ever-more-popular dedicated electric vehicles, PHEVs seem to be evaporating from the marketplace. Hyundai has the tech in its back pocket just in case, but for now, this is the only Sonata