Month: May 2020

An Uber/Lyft driver’s craziest experiences

Driving for Uber and Lyft is usually pretty mundane. You don’t get crazy passengers all that often — thankfully — because crazy passengers come with a lot of baggage. Sure, they give you good stories to tell and re-tell for years to come, but I’m not sure that makes up for the damage they do or pain they might inflict.

In fact, some “crazy” passengers can put a driver’s job at risk or his health and every now and then his life. Very rarely does a driver escape a brush with a wild and crazy passenger with just a good laugh and some funny stories. These experiences usually come with some degree of pain and suffering for the driver.

Here, let me share a few driving stories and see if you get the idea.

The crazy

During a ride

C8 Chevy Corvette aluminum structural repair parts sales limited by GM

After 67 years of front-engined performance, new Chevrolet Corvette owners are going to have to get used to mid-engined dynamics, and some of them are going to do that by running into things. The first C8 Corvette crash happened last August, before serial production began. This chewed-on Corvette showed up on a flatbed in March, not long after production started. In April, this guy got hit by a drunk driver the day after taking delivery of his Corvette. And earlier this month, someone launched a C8 into a field and abandoned it. Veteran Corvette owners will also need to get used to GM’s stricter repair policies for the new sports car. A member of the Corvette Forum found an article on the automakers TechLink site that explains, “Structural repairs must be made by certified GM Collision Repair Network

Want to buy an F1 team? Williams is considering selling

LONDON — Williams said on Friday it was considering selling its once-dominant but now struggling Formula One team as part of a strategic review.

Williams Grand Prix Holdings (WGPH) published results for 2019 showing Formula One revenue slid to 95.4 million pounds ($117.6 million) in 2019, down from 130.7 million pounds the previous year.

“The WGPH board is undertaking a review of all the various strategic options available to the company,” it said.

“Options being considered include, but are not limited to, raising new capital for the business, a divestment of a minority stake in WGPH or a divestment of a majority stake in WGPH including a potential sale of the whole company.”

The board has appointed Allen&Co and Lazard as joint financial advisers to assist with the strategic review and formal sale process.

“The Company is not in receipt

2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Review | Price, specs, features, photos

The 2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is BMW’s newest entry-level four-door offering. It slots below the 3 Series in price, panache and size, and despite the name, is wholly different from the two-door 2 Series. While that car rides on a traditional-for-BMW rear-wheel-drive platform, the Gran Coupe uses a front-drive platform shared with the BMW X1 and X2 crossovers as well as some Minis. Beyond that basic architecture, the two 2’s have different powertrains, styling, interiors, safety tech and driving experiences. Basically, they’re nothing alike. 

Now, beyond the BMW family, with four doors and a compact size, the 2 Series Gran Coupe competes against other small luxury brands’ starter cars. This group includes the soon-to-debut 2021 Audi A3 and recently debuted Cadillac CT4, but the closest competitors currently come from Mercedes-Benz with its A-Class and CLA-Class

Uber sends thousands of Jump e-bikes to the recycling heap

Uber has sent thousands of electric bikes to be recycled for scrap as part of handing operations of their Jump e-bike division to scooter-sharing company Lime. The rideshare giant said it would be too difficult to donate these bikes because of safety and liability concerns. A spokesman told CNBC “the best approach was to responsibly recycle them,” while video posted on Twitter from a North Carolina recycling center shows the candy red bikes being crushed as scrap metal. 

Earlier this month, Uber led a $170 million dollar round of investment in scooter sharing company Lime. As part of this investment, Lime took ownership of thousands of newer Jump bikes, but they

Tech startup Ree partners with Tier 1 supplier on a revolutionary EV platform

The idea-people aren’t finished trying to revolutionize the skateboard electric vehicle platform and in-wheel motors. Israeli startup Ree is doing both. It’s toiled on the idea for seven years, putting together the 3D-printed Flatformer concept heavy truck chassis with Hino for last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Now the tech firm has partnered with Tier 1 OEM supplier KYB, a multibillion-dollar Japanese conglomerate specializing in active and semi-active suspension systems and owner of the world’s largest factory producing shock absorbers. The challenge ahead of this “strategic partnership to develop suspension capabilities for future electric vehicle (EV) platforms” will be clear after we explain how Ree’s system works.

The easy part is the Reeboard, the plank that contains the batteries. Last summer, Ree’s digital presentations showed a Reeboard 185 inches long, with a 110.6-inch wheelbase —  a near carbon