Day: March 12, 2020

Uber drivers ask what the company can do to better protect safety

NEW YORK — Margaret Bordelon can still feel the hands of the drunk man who tried to pull her in for a kiss at the end of his Uber ride last September in Lafayette, Louisiana.

An Uber driver for only a few months, Bordelon, 45, finally convinced the customer to let her go. Since he booked the ride through a friend, she did not know his name.

After reporting the incident by phone to Uber the same night, a company representative told her that she would no longer be paired with the account holder. Beyond that, there was little else she could do for protection.  

“When I asked Uber what it was going to do to protect me and other women going forward, I received no response,” Bordelon recalled.

Uber reiterated the message to her in writing a day

J.D. Power needs to rethink its Vehicle Dependability Study

J.D. Power’s
2016 Vehicle Dependability Study is out, and, for the fifth straight year,
Lexus is at the top of the rankings. I’m not shocked. In fact, I fully expect that new-car shoppers who buy a brand-new Lexus in 2016 will end up with a car that gives them very little to complain about. I could say the same for
Porsche, which landed itself in second place.

But here’s where things get murky. Sitting way down in 23rd is
Subaru, followed by
Scion. These too are automotive brands that I’d have no qualms recommending to buyers, depending on what that buyer is looking for (though Scion is
on its way out, its vehicles will be sold as
Toyota models starting in August of 2016). And the same can be said of
Mazda, which languishes in