Day: March 8, 2020

Tax information for Uber and Lyft drivers

For rideshare drivers, tax time used to be a time of trepidation and fear as they realized no one had stashed away money for them, with each paycheck, to pay for the inevitable tax bill. However, two factors have combined that should take away most of the stress from drivers when it comes to taxes.

In the past, independent contractors were not only responsible for putting away enough money to pay their taxes, but on certain taxes they had to pay double what their employed counterparts paid. But a lot of things have changed in recent years for independent-contractor rideshare drivers and taxes.

Why many rideshare drivers won’t pay any tax

Two factors have come together at just about the same time that have taken most of the anxiety out of tax time for rideshare drivers. The two factors are:

Buick, Lexus top J.D. Power survey, as vehicle service improves overall

Buick and
Lexus returned to their customary place atop J.D. Power’s scorecard of satisfaction with
dealership service departments. In the Customer Service Index Study, out Thursday, Buick scored 860 on a 1,000-point scale for mass-market brands and has topped this ranking in three of the past four years.

Lexus topped the list of luxury brands with a score of 874.

Fiat and
Land Rover were the bottom-dwellers in the two categories.

Buick and Lexus also ranked highly in the research company’s overall Vehicle Dependability Study rankings out recently.

The customer experience at
car dealerships has improved steadily, with the overall industry score rising in seven of the past eight years. And one statistic is particularly remarkable: 94 percent of customers say their car was fixed right the first time.

The dominant area of difficulty in
repairs seems to be infotainment

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