Day: March 3, 2020

MotoGP’s first race in Qatar canceled, next week in Thailand postponed

The season-opening MotoGP race in Qatar next weekend at the Losail circuit has been canceled because of travel restrictions on passengers from Italy and elsewhere due to the coronavirus epidemic. The following week’s race in Thailand has been put on indefinite hold.

In a joint statement by MotoGP, the governing FIM and teams’ association IRTA, it was explained that all passengers arriving in Doha, the capital and most populous city in Qatar, on direct flights from Italy, or who had been in Italy in the past two weeks, faced a minimum of 14 days in quarantine.

“Italy clearly plays a vital role in the championship and in the MotoGP class — both on track and off — and therefore the decision has been taken to cancel premier class competition,” it said.

The Moto2 and Moto3 categories will still race due

2020 Audi Q7 Review | First drive, what’s new, 55 TFSI V6, fuel economy

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Point the 2020 Audi Q7’s octagonal maw up California’s Route 243 and the three-row luxury ute’s stoic body control, just-right gear selection and right-now power delivery define an SUV that’s at once a respectable driving tool, a genuine luxury vehicle, and has a third row that makes it relevant among bigger competitors. It is smooth and silent. It is amply quick. And despite its size and heft, it tiptoed effortlessly through the Southern California forest.

We drove the overhauled Q7 for a day in and around the San Jacinto Mountains, exploring both its relaxed cruising on freeways and its athletic moves on mountain byways. Though not all new for 2020 — this second-generation Q7 was released for 2017 — the seven-passenger SUV benefits from significant revisions. Together with the smaller and far more popular

Novia Scotia man, 87, still driving the Model T he bought 70 years ago

Reported by Canada’s CBC, and picked up by MotorAuthority, this is a story of dedication, loyalty, and love. Nova Scotia resident Randall Pitman is 87 years old, and his 1927 Ford Model T is 92 . After buying the car as a teenager, Pitman and the T have developed a respectful relationship that’s lasted 70 long years, and the mileage is going nowhere but up. Things just keep cranking forward, literally and figuratively.

This connection between car and human was no chance meeting. At 17 years old, making 10 cents an hour pumping gas, Pitman saw that the Model T was headed for auction. So, he saved up $50 and took his earnings to the place of sale back in 1949. He could have taken the car for $45, but he irrationally outbid himself in the closing